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Feb 9, 2016

The Fictional Fantasy Football Draft or the FFFD is something we did for CineTalk episode #35. We hope you enjoy this shorter and more edited version of this segment. Now all you have to do is VOTE!! Who drafted the best team!!

Chad's Team: Coach Herman Boone, QB Johnny Moxon, RB Johnny Vennaro, WR Charlie Tweeter, Flex Sack Lodge.
Brian's Team: Coach Jimmy McGinty, QB Shane Falco, RB Spike, WR Rod Tidwell, Flex Air Bud (The Golden Receiver)
Shane's Team: Coach Klein, QB Flash Gordon, RB Earl Megget, WR Hines Ward, Flex Snowflake.


Feb 7, 2016
Published on Feb 7, 2016

Introduction to CineTalk #35

1. Cohost for the day is the one and the only Sir Chadwick Davis
2. Shout out to our newest subscribers and who are they based off there profile names.
3. New News!!
4. Box Office Recap
5. What is coming out this weekend
6. How we did last weekend with our predictions
7. Our Box office predictions for the top 5 this weekend.
8. Macgyver is BACK...maybe. 
9. Channing Tatum and JGL are doing a Musical?
10. Bryan Singer might be leaving the X-men to tackle this franchise.
11. Technical Difficulties...No talk on GOTG2
12. Due to Technical Difficulties no IN/OUT of the trailer park.
13. Random Rants and Rave Reviews!!
14. Skyping in a guest!!
15. Time for our first annual Fictional Fantasy Football Draft!!
16. You vote on who drafted the best team!
17. Chad's Team: QB Jon Moxon, WR Charlie Tweeder, RB Johnny Vennero, Flex Sack Lodge, Head Coach Herman Boone.
18. Brian's Team: QB Shane Falco, WR Rod Tidwell, RB Spike, Flex Air Bud, Head Coach Mcginty.
19. Shane's Team: QB Flash Gordon, WR Hines Ward, RB Earl Megget, Flex Snowflake, Head Coach Coach Klein.
20. Saying bye to our guest.
21. Signing off and where you can find us.

Feb 1, 2016
Published on Feb 1, 2016

Introduction to CineTalk Episode #34

1. New News!!
2. What's coming out this weekend.
3. Top 5 at the Box Office last weekend.
4. How Brandon and Shane did for their predictions last weekend.
5. Shane and Chad give their Top 5 predictions for this weekend.
6. Liam Neeson is back at it again. This time as 'The Commuter'
7. Ahhhhhnold tells everyone news about 'Conan The Conquerer' 
8. Can Deadpool live up to it's hype?
9. America voted and gave you the Top 10 favorite stars!
10. In or Out of the Movie Trailer Park.
11. Angry Birds official trailer #1
12. Nine Lives official trailer #1
13. Secret Life of Pets official trailer #1
14. Trolls teaser trailer
15. Kubo and the Two Strings official trailer #1
16. Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them Featurette
17. But First Let Me Take A Selfie
18. Is that the Omega symbol?
19. Tom & Jerry discuss Top Gun 2!
20. Random Rants & Rave Reviews
22. Star Wars: Rogue One is giving EVERYONE a reason to want to go see this movie.  
23. Birth of a Nation wins Sundance and shatters a record.
24. XXX 3 and some opinions on Vin Diesel.
25. The Chad congratulates one of his favorite tennis stars, and demands that Shane like Tiger Woods.

26. Signing off!

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Jan 26, 2016

Introduction to CineTalk Episode #33

1. Shane and Brandon banter about the snow and this past weekend for a minute.
2. New News!!
3. Box Office recap is being tweaked! How? Let us explain.
4. Box Office recap
5. What's coming out this weekend?
6. Our prediction of what wins at the box office this weekend!
7. Sundance is going on, and one movie 'Swiss Army Man' is causing quite a stir.
8. Disney throwing it's weight around, and other blockbusters bow to them and move on.
9. Tom Cruise news and 'The Mummy' reboot!
10. In/Out of the Movie Trailer Park
11. First Trailer - 'Keanu' starring Key and Peele
12. Second Trailer - 'Term Life' starring Vince Vaughn and Hailee Steinfeld
13. Third Trailer -'Suicide Squad' starring Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jared Leto, yada yada yada...
14. But first let me take a Selfie
15. The Final Poster for Batman v Superman comes out!
16. John Goodman is awesome!
17. Random Rants and Rave Reviews
18. Brandon goes in on New England Patriot fans and Tom Brady.
19. Where you can find us!


Twitter @DjDarthFader and @TheCineBros

Jan 19, 2016
Published on Jan 18, 2016

Introduction to CineTalk Episode #32

1. Brian is back and we talk about what he's been up too.
2. Top 5 at the box office this past weekend. 
3. Han Solo has a prequel movie coming out in 2018 and the shortlist has been given to us. We talk about the list, who we like, and if we think anyone is missing from the list.
4. In or Out of the Movie Trailer Park.
5. First Trailer - '10 Cloverfield Lane' YES Cloverfield has a sequel coming out! Will we spend money on this in the first two weekends its out.
6. Second Trailer - 'Meet The Blacks' a parody of 'The Purge' and will we spend money on seeing this movie AT ALL?
7. Third Trailer - 'Risen'. Will we spend money on this during it's theater run?
8. Fourth Trailer - 'Hail, Caesar'. Will we go to see this opening weekend?
9. Random Rants, and Rave Reviews 
11. Best Picture Noms. Who we think will win, who we want to win, and is anyone missing from this list?
12. Best Actor Noms. Who we think will win, who we want to win, and is anyone missing from this list?
13. Best Actress Noms. Who we think will win, who we want to win, and is anyone missing from this list?
14. Best Supporting Actor Noms. Who we think will win, who we want to win, and is anyone missing from this list?
15. Best Supporting Actress Noms. Who we think will win, who we want to win, and is anyone missing from this list?
16. Best Director Noms. Who we think will win, who we want to win, and is anyone missing from this list?
17. We talk about the hashtag floating around #OscarsSoWhite and our thoughts on this years controversy. 
18. We quickly go over the Razzies worst picture, worst actor's and worst actresses.  
19. We sign off!

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Jan 12, 2016


1. Subscribe please. :)
2. We talk about our Dj names and how Shane's came about, and other Dj names Shane has had. We also talk a little about the Golden Globes.
3. A Brief Box Office Recap
4. New News!!
5. Clark Gregg says ScarJo is underutilized and NEEDS her own movie!
6. Sean Penn is all over the news with his meeting with El Chapo.
7. Jesse Eisenberg said in Batman v Superman, that he believes you'll see the greatest scene that he's ever been a part of!
8. But First, Let me take a Selfie
9. Deadpool is back saving Cats (we didn't get to talk about new poster, because it came out after show)
10. Suicide Squad is back with a new photo from on set!
11. In/Out of the Movie Trailer Park
12. Trailer #1 - Elvis & Nixon starring Michael Shannon and Kevin Spacey
13. Trailer #2 - Free State of Jones starring Matthew Mcconaughey.
14. Trailer #3 (2 NEW TV spots) - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.
15. Random Rants & Rave Reviews
16. Brandon mentions a few movies he is super pumped to see in 2016.
17. How Denzel could have given a better effort when accepting the Cecil B. DeMille award.
18. Other ramblings.
19. Signing off and reminding you to SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL!!

Audio only version:

Jan 5, 2016

Introduction to CineTalk #30 and what the New Year brings!

1. Chad and Shane chat about 2015, 2016 what we are up to in the near future, and how we will be playing our FIRST TRAILER during this show!!
2. Box Office Recap and what Star Wars needs to do to break Avatars world wide record.
3. New News/But First, Let Me Take a Selfie!!
4. The Power Rangers potentially had some concept art leak.
5. In/Out of the Movie Trailer Park
6. Zootopia and how soon we will likely see this when it comes out.
7. CineTalk - Official Trailer #1 and Brandon Blains reaction!
8. Random Rants & Rave Reviews
10. Honorable Mentions from us
11. We read off some of our friends and fans most anticipated movies of 2016!!
12. Chad has a question that mind scrambles Shane. It's a pretty easy question too.
13. We are still pumped for the movies coming out in 2016, and our trailer that debuted today!
14. Signing off and have fun at the movies this week!!

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Dec 29, 2015
Published on Dec 28, 2015

CineTalk Episode #29

1. Introduction to the show and guest...and something new to the studio!
2. Box Office Recap
3. New news!
4. Resident Evil has more issues on the set, this time someone dies.
5. Star Wars rumors caused by Disney's Star Wars Xfinity game. We tell you if this rumor is to be trusted.
6. Several wide release movies are coming out before we get the big weekend of Deadpool and Zoolander 2. This is what we have to say about the upcoming flicks.
7. In/Out of the Movie Trailer Park
8. First trailer is 'Everybody Wants Some' by Richard Linklater
9. Second trailer is 'A Perfect Day' starring Tim Robbins and Benicio Del Toro.
10. Third trailer is 'Deadpool' starring Ryan Reynolds, Ed Skrein, Morena Baccarin, TJ Miller, and Gina Carano.
11. But first, let me take a selfie!
12. We have our first official look at Doctor Strange!!!
13. Random Rants & Rave Reviews!
14. George Lucas and here is the link
15. Avengers Infinity Wars part one and two to be filmed completely in IMAX
16. Role Models
17. Who won the Star Wars opening weekend fundraiser bet and what that person will be donating too. 
18. Signing off, where you can find us, and closing the show!

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Dec 21, 2015

CineTalk #28 is up, we even sprinkled in a bit of Christmas flavor at the end.

1. Box office recap...mainly Star Wars!
2. New News!
3. The Ghostbusters reboot had a picture released...our thoughts on the photo and what we are really waiting for.
4. Spaceballs 2 is back in the news after the huge success of Star Wars, so we discuss the working title for the possible sequel.
5. Where will Star Wars: The Force Awakens end up on the all time world wide box office list. 
6. Rogue One: A Star Wars story is coming out in 362 days!!
7. IN/OUT of the Movie Trailer Park!
8. Chad's Trailer - Eddie The Eagle
9. Shane's Trailer - Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
10. Chad's Trailer - Ice Age: Collision Course
11. Shane's Trailer - Storks (teaser)
12. Rand Rants & Rave Reviews
13. It's Christmas time baby!!
14. Our top 3 favorite Christmas Movies
15. Our least favorite Christmas Movie
16. Our 2 Favorite Christmas Characters
17. Our 2 favorite Christmas Villains
18. Chad says...It's time to play a game!!
19. Chad has Shane give him the first movie that comes to mind when asked these actors names.
20. Chad announces the winner of the Fantasy Movie League and says the prize the person won is pretty damn epic! He also added some new rules for the next Fantasy Movie League session and upped the long as you can beat CHAD AND SHANE!
21. Signing off and where you can find us!

Don't forget to keep an eye out for our FIRST TRAILER for the show!! It will be out soon, and we hope you like it!

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Dec 15, 2015

Introduction to CineTalk #27


1. Box office recap.

2. New News!!

3. The Good Dinosaur is already a flop?

4. Cate Blanchett in talks for a main character in Thor Ragnarok.

5. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them had an announcement trailer.  Where is our excitement level at?

6. We give you a about a 90 second montage of our love for Christmas and Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which opens up in just a few days!  Our excitement is through the ROOF!

7. IN/OUT of the Movie Trailer Park AND when OUR trailer will debut!!

8. First trailer up Star Trek: Beyond trailer

9. Independence Day: Resurgence trailer

10. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows trailer

11. The BFG trailer

12. The Brothers Grimsby trailer

13. The Legend of Tarzan "You are mother effin' TARZAN"

14. X-Men: Apocalypse trailer dropped...and Shane freaked out a bit. 

15. Random Rants & Rave Reviews

16. Aaron Rogers and Olivia Munn show their love for Star Wars via we talk more about Star Wars and we talk about why every theater should play it on as many screens as possible!

17. We go from Star Wars back to X-Men!  

18. Bryan Singer loves these movies, and tells us to RELAX when it comes to Apocalypse!  This dude has passion for his movies, which gets us fired up!

19. So many awesome movies coming out over the next year!  Movie boners everywhere!!!!

20 Wrapping up, where you can find us, group texts and more Movie Boners given!


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Dec 8, 2015

Introduction to Episode #26

1. Chatting about The Chad and his many nicknames
2. Quickly cover last weekends box office results
3. But First...let me take a selfie mashes up with New News!!
4. Honey China shrunk John Boyega!!
5. Trainspotting 2 is happening, Robert Carlyles strong comments and our thoughts on the original film.
6. IN/OUT of the movie trailer park! Where we tell you if we are IN or OUT on this movie based n the trailer!
7. Chad's trailer - Pride & Prejudice & Zombies Int'l trailer and his love for these attractive lady's and their socks!
8. Shane's trailer - The Nice Guys (Shane really wants to see this)
9. Chad's second trailer - Exposed starring Keanu Reeves, and Chad's love for Keanu remains the same.
10. Shane's second trailer - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice new trailer. Could the fanboys be looking at the marketing wrong? We also end up start talking about Flash Gordon because of Chad's confusion about Flash and Flash Gordon.
11. Random Rants & Rave Reviews!
12. Favorite movies and performances of 2015 so far!!
13. Possibility of Inside out getting nominate for best picture but losing for best animated film!
14. Michael Keaton could be nominated for supporting actor and seems to be the front runner!
15. Chad would like to play a game!
16. Shane wants to know who will make more opening weekend. Zoolander 2 or Deadpool? Will it be close in this head to head battle?

Sign off and PEACE OUT!!! We hope you have a great week watching movies!!

For the Batman v Superman recut or the "fixed" trailer made by Kevin O'Fee on YouTube click this link

Dec 7, 2015

Shane saw Ron Howard's take on the story that inspired the classic book 'Moby Dick'.  Starring Thor, Scarecrow, Spiderman, and NO this is not a superhero movie!  It also stars Q and Mad Eye Moody!   Here is my review and how I give you the info to decide if you should go see this yourself!  No spoilers!!

Nov 23, 2015

Introductions to the OG's of CineTalk!


1. A little explanation of what we are doing now, and some random banter.

2. NEW NEWS!!  

3. Box Office Recap and what we thought about last weekends numbers.  Spoiler alert...we both disliked Spectre. 

4. Peter Jackson was just "winging it" with the Hobbit Trilogy.

5. Bad Santa 2 casted Bad Santa's mother, and it's glorious!

6. Movies coming out for the long Thanksgiving weekend, and what we are going to see, or what we have already seen.  

7. In/Out of the movie trailer park.

8. Chad's trailer - Zoolander 2

9. Shane's trailer - How to be Single

10. For the first time, because we had so many trailers drop this week, we will be combining segments and we give our 30 second thoughts on if we are In/Out of the movie trailer park!

11. Chad's trailer - Dirty Grandpa

12. Shane's trailer - The Boss

13. Chad's trailer for The_Bri_Man - Gods of Egypt

14. Shane's trailer - Now you see me 2

15. Chad's trailer - 50 Shades of Black (Ranting may occur)

16. Shane's trailer - Central Intelligence (Little Hart and a Big Johnson)

17. But FIRST, let me take a selfie 

18. Gal Gadot and her photo of her as Wonder Woman.

19. Bryan Singer in an insane looking studio, posts another pic to instagram for Xmen.

20. Random Rants & Rave Reviews

21. Shane talks Robert Rodriguez and John Malkovich create a movie that nobody our age will ever see...except Chad...because math.  :)

22. Chad comes up with a great idea for a movie.

23. Chad brings up Miley Cyrus, her dad, and most of all her latest video.  

24. We slowly, but surely sign off!

25. You can find us on YouTube at and on





Nov 17, 2015

To be described soon.

Nov 10, 2015

1. Intro to the show and the panel.
2. Dive into FMK with our some of our favorite animated movies
3. New News!
4. Weekend Box Office recap
5. Chloe Grace Moretz to star in Little Mermaid live action movie and a writer is in talks to pen script.
6. Some Games that we would like to see made into a Live Action movie.
7. In/Out of the Movie Trailer park
8. Chad's trailer - Alice Through the Looking Glass
9. Brandon's trailer - The Hateful 8
10. Shane's trailer - Warcraft trailer
11. Star Wars Int'l trailer discussion and was it necessary?
12. 30 Second Thoughts
13. Last movie we watched (new or old) and quick review.
14. Chad takes 30 seconds to tell you how he fell asleep during Spectre
15. Chad takes another 30 seconds to talk about the movie Sex Ed (on Netflix) and gives a rating.
16. Brandon talks about the movie Tangled.
17. Shane talks about the dramedy This is Where I Leave You.
18. 30 Second thoughts on Daisey Ridley's recent comments on what she will be doing when the Star Wars movie debuts.
19. The animated movie Blazing Samurai lands Ricky Gervais and even with the amazing talents involved in this movie. 30 seconds on what we expect from this family friendly movie that was inspired by Blazing Saddles.
20. Random Rants & Rave Reviews
21. Bill Pia sends in a question about Michael Keaton's comments about Batman being unbeatable! Bill doesn't agree. Shane does.
22. RIP Melissa Mathison, F%CK CANCER, and #ForceForDaniel
23. Brandon enters the Star Wars prediction pool for charity!
24. Chad brings up Old school Wayne. Brandon calls Wayne, Chad, and me out!
25. Flashback to where this beef started.
26. Shane gets yelled at about Fantasy football (some fast forwarding happens)
27. Shane shamelessly plugs Fan duel
28. Chad gets inappropriate
29. Where you can find us on social media
30. Talk a little Oscar stuff and then signing off!

Sep 17, 2015

CineTalk Episode #18 


1. Introductions for Chad and Wayne (The #TeamChawick & #TeamDarthFader war begins)

2. Wayne rants about kids these days don't know the US Mail system!

3. FMK with Wayne's 3 favorite movies

4. New News!!

5. Box Office Recap

6. The Tracking Board says Paramount are making a live action/animated movie of the 90's Nicktoons cartoons

7. Universal hands over the rights of Skull Island: King Kong to WB!

8. Steven Spielberg talks Superhero movies, and Zack Snyder comments and throws shade at MCU!

9. In or Out of the Movie Trailer Park

10.  Chad's movie - Krampus

11. Wayne's movie - Concussion

12. Shane's movie - Demolition

13. BREAK TIME (Wayne enters the Star Wars box office prediction charity pool)

14. We are back with 30 Second Thoughts

15. A plane crashes on the set of Tom Cruise's next movie 'Mena' 2 die one critically injured.

16. Captain Marvel might have a new leading lady!

17. Random Rants and Rave Reviews

18. Chad plays a game with old NFL trading cards

19. Chad gets us to name our 3 favorite football movies

20. Shane wants to know what Chad and Wayne's go to movie snacks are?

21. Wayne is nervous about Luke Skywalker dying in Force Awakens due to patterns he has noticed.  

22. Chad says stop picking on Tom Brady!

23. Shane states more hating from the Undertaker about Brady and the Patriots is coming to the Movie House Maniacs youtube channel soon!

24. Where you can find Chad!

25. Where you can find Wayne (local bars)

26. Where you can find Shane and The CineBros!

27. Signing off!

Visit The CineBros at these two destinations.

Sep 4, 2015

1. Welcome Back, Introductions and pleasantries.
2. Brandon picks 3 of his favorite comic book movies to FMK!!
3. Shane and Brandon take their turns and FMK Brandons 3 movies!
4. New News!! The New News that happened over the last week.
5. Box office recap and any surprises from last weekend.
6. Borderlands video game getting adapted into a Movie, good or bad?
7. Prometheus 2 is happening. Our thoughts on Ridley Scott's next film.
8. IN/OUT of the Movie Trailer Park, where someone picks a movie trailer that came out recently, we talk about it and then we tell you if we are IN/OUT based on the trailer!
9. Brian picks 'Victor Frankenstein' 
10. Brandon picks 'Scouts Guide to a Zombie Apocalypse' 
11. Shane picks 'All Things Must Pass' 
12. Commercial break where Brandon and Brian are 'Batdad'
13. 30 Second Thoughts. Where we get a topic and we each get 30 seconds to talk about it. 
14. Johnny Depp and Hugh Jackman do some great things to help out children who have been dealt a bad hand.
15. The movies we are most looking forward to this September!
16. But First...Let me take a Selfie! Where we talk about new photos, poster, and sometimes short videos.
17. Michael Fassbender first look in 'Assassins Creed' gear!
18. Star Wars gives us a 15 second teaser on Instagram
19. Random Rants & Rave Reviews (open format)
20. Possible crossover down the road with FILM VIBE on YouTube. We talk about why we liked his channel and why we might do some work together in the future. If you are a film nerd definitely check out his channel! We will post the link to his channel below.
21. RIP Wes Craven. We talk about some of his great films, and how they impacted our lives and the horror genre.
22. Shane just watched the 80's cult classic 'The Last Dragon' again, and Brandon and Shane discuss the good and bad (that's still kind of good) about the movie. 
23. Forgive me for saying... where we ask forgiveness for not being a part of a popular opinion.
24. Forgive me for saying...about Pixels, Adam Sandler, TMNT, Transformers Age of Extinction, Incredible Hulk, Robin Hood, etc...
25. Wrapping it up and where you can find us!
26. We are starting to ramble about Batdad. 
27. Technical Difficulties
28. And we are back...kinda...
29. Signing off

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Aug 20, 2015

Welcome back to CineTalk with The Cinebros for episode #16!!

Introductions for Sir Chadwick Davis and Mr. Jason Dawson aka DJ JD!

1. Jason Plays FMK with Matrix, Speed, and Fight Club!

2. New News! 

3. Box Office Recap

4. New Disney info for Toy Story 4 and Finding Dory from D23

5. Nobody likes Cars

6. Pirates of the Caribbean 5 confirms two familiar faces!

7. IN/OUT of the Movie Trailer Park - where we all say whether we are IN or OUT of this move based off of this trailer, and why.

8. Chad's trailer 'About Ray'

9. Jason's trailer 'Trumbo'

10. Shane's trailer 'Burnt'

11. Chad's second trailer 'The Hateful 8'

12. Jason's second trailer 'Transporter Refueled' 

13. Shane's second trailer 'Ride Along 2'

(COMMERCIAL BREAK - (Deleted Clip) Chad talks about chasing beavers, and tells a story about the picture we used in episode #15 when he was absent)

14. 30 second thoughts

15. Jack Reacher 2 is starting filming in November of this year.  They might have found their leading lady.  Will she take the role, do we care if she takes the role, and should she take the role?

16. At the D23 convention 'Moana' was talked about and The Rock was there on the panel.  Our feedback on this movies information and The Rock!

17. Star Wars Rogue One Photo, some words from the president of Lucasfilm Kathleen Kennedy, and a fairly long cast list.

18. Random Rants, and Rave Reviews

19. Chad wants to know some of our favorite movie soundtracks of all time.  We even divulge some of our guilty movie soundtracks. 

20. Shane talks about the 'I am Chris Farley' documentary.

21. Jason's little fun fact!

22. Wrap it up!!

23. Beavers and Penitron are brought up once again.


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Aug 6, 2015

CineTalk Episode #15


Introduction - Subscribe - We miss Chad


1. FMK Brian's 3 favorite actors!

2. Box Office Results

3. Jena Malone's role in Batman V Superman, who will she be now?

4. Tom Cruise in interview talks a couple of sequels he has ideas for.

5. Mel Gibson to Direct Andrew Garfield, Vince Vaughn and Sam Worthington in Hacksaw Ridge movie.

6. Ghost-blunders.  Drew Pearce says YES, Ivan Reitman says NO!

7. IN/OUT of the Movie Trailer Park (most trailer found on MovieClips on YouTube.

8. Brian talks 'American Ultra' trailer #3

9. Shane talks '13 Hours' Red Band trailer.

10. Brian talks 'The Night Before' trailer.

11. Shane talks 'Sicario' trailer #2.

12. Brian talks 'Zoolander 2' teaser trailer.

13. Shane talks 'Freehold' trailer

14. Quick Break with special guest #CineBurgundy

15. 30 Second Thoughts

16. Is Channing Tatum IN or OUT of the Gambit movie?

17. Cara Delevingne awkward interview, Brian's not happy she's not happy!

18. Chris Pine to be Steve Trevor and maybe a Green Lantern too?

19. Large Leaked List over at the MCU!  Do we think this is legit?   As well as other thoughts.

20. Random Rants and Rave Reviews

21. Batman and the Joker rumors. 

22. Revisiting Cara Delevadonna

23. Wrapping it up

24. Signing off!  You stay classy and thank you for stopping by!


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Jul 27, 2015

CineTalk Episode #14 with Shane, Chad and Doug


1. Introductions

2. FMK with Dougs 3 favorite actors!

3. New News!!

4. Box Office Estimates are in!!

5. Possible writers for new Spider-man movie.

6. 'It' has found it's director

7. These two guys really want Hellboy 3 to happen!

8. 'Genies' an 'Aladdin' prequel.

9. IN/OUT of the Movie Trailer Park!!

10. Shane chooses 'The Revenant'

11. Chad chooses 'The Gift'

12. Doug chooses 'Joy'

13. Shane chooses 'Sisters'

14. Chad chooses 'Back to the Future' classic trailer.

15. Doug chooses 'Digging for Fire'.

16. But First, Let me Take a Selfie

17. New X-Men photos released with Apocalypse.

18. Amy Schumer GQ cover controversy. 

19. 30 Second Thoughts

20. Ryan Reynolds wants X-Force to be lead by Cable, and who we want for Cable.

21. Universal's HUGE box office totals to date!

22. Michael Cera might be lazy.  

23. John C. Reilly has confirmed he has signed on to Wreck-it Ralph 2, and what that means.

24. Random Rants and Rave Reviews.

25. Autobots and Cars.  Disney gets their lawyers ready!

26. Why do people hate on critics?

27. Attack on Titan.

28. Wrap it up and where you can find us.   

29. Sign off!


Where to find Greg Fossler aka DJ Rock G for professional Dj remixes,  vocal drops and other voice work.

Jul 15, 2015

CineTalk Episode #13 (SDCC Recap Show)


1. Introductions and our boring lives.

2. New News!!

3. Gambit Logo.

4. Comic Book News - Batman & TMNT crossover 6 issues.

5. Conan O'Brien at Comic Con

6. X-men: Apocalypse Four Horsemen released.  

7. What animated show or comic book run would you want to see made into a Live Action movie?

8. WB is MAD about leaks.  Will they pull out of Comic Con?

9. X-Men: Apocalypse leaked trailer.

10. Suicide Squad leaked trailer and official trailer.

11. Deadpool leaked trailer

12. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

13. Who won Comic Con? 

14. Briefly talk The Man From U.N.C.L.E. official Comic Con trailer

15. Which movie that was at Comic Con will make the most at the box office world wide?  

16. We guess how much money Star Wars will make opening weekend in the U.S. and we will do it for charity!

17. Of course we get dehydrated, disoriented and off topic.  

18. Where you can find us.

19. Signing off!

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Jul 9, 2015

CIneTalk Episode #12 description


1. Opens with Chad keeping his promise after we broke 1k views.

2. Introduction to C-Giggles and Brian Christina.

3. FMK with Brians 3 favorite movies.

4. New News!

5. Box Office estimated totals are in!

6. Ava Duvernay passing on Marvel.

7. RDJ to play Geppetto in upcoming WB live action Pinocchio movie.

8. Zack Snyder and Ben Affleck comment and maybe make some passive aggressive shots at MCU?

9. In or Out of the Movie Trailer Park

10. Brian talks 'Creed' Official trailer #1 trailer on movieclips.

11. Shane talks 'Steve Jobs' Official #1 trailer on movieclips.

12. Chad talks 'Staten Island Summer' on Newtrailerbuzz. (netflix release July 31st)

13. Brian talks 'Ant-Man' Official #2 trailer on movieclips.

14. Shane talks 'London Has Fallen' Teaser trailer #1 movieclips.

15. Chad talks 'Sleeping With Other People' Official trailer #1 movieclips.  

16. Quick mentioning of a few other trailers that you may want to check out.

17. But First, let me take a selfie!

18. Deadpool has his first official image released for the movie.

19. Entertainment Weekly Comic-Con preview pictures.

20. New photo of J-Law and E-Banks getting ready for battle?  Who plays their character better!

21. Ghostbusters uniforms and proton pack images released.  

22. Olivia Munn spotted practicing for role of Psylocke with another famous face in the background. 

23. 30 Second Thoughts

24. CHiPs the movie is looking for an 'R' rating and possibly Lethal Weaponesque?

25. Byran Singer "true rebirth" comments about X-Men franchise.

26. Mark Wahlberg and Peter Berg teaming up possibly for the third time with '22 Miles' with other actors Iko Uwais (The Raid 1 and 2) and the woman who put the podcast in an arm bar, Ronda Rousey.  

27. Apology from 'The CineBros'

28. The Climactic Adventures of Penitron (We fast forward this over-the-top random talk about Penitron, and the many...many...many sequels, puns and other humorous anecdotes that come along with our immaturity.  Yes...a deleted scene will come out sometime soon for those that are as mature as us.  

29. Wrapping it up and where you can find us.


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Jul 3, 2015

Welcome back to Movies that Hurt So GOOD!!


Chadwick talks about his love for Steven Seagal and 'Under Siege'!!

Synopsis and Rating.

Favorite Character, scene, and quote.


Shane talks about 'The Big Lebowski'

Synopsis, and rating.

Favorite Character, scene, and quote. 


We talk about the movie Brad Neff submitted.  'Lethal Weapon 4'!!!

Submit your favorite movies to and we will put them in the bucket!


'Lethal Weapon 4' Synopsis, and ratings.

Favorite scenes, characters and qoutes!


We love us some Canada!!


We give each other new movies to watch.  


Chadwick picks another movie from the popcorn bucket!  Who's movie do we watch???


Where can people find us, and signing off!!

Jun 29, 2015

1. Introductions Shane, Chad and new guest Jade.

2. FMK w/Jades 3 favorite movies

3. FMK w/Leonardo Dicaprio, Matthew McConaughey, and Mel Gibson

4. New News!

5. 'Passengers' has been green lit!

6. Kick-Ass prequel and Kick-Ass 3?

7. Major Studios skipping Comic-Con

8. Box Office Totals are IN!!

9. IN/OUT of the Movie Trailer Park

10. The Peanuts Trailer - Trailer #3

11. Boulevard and Robin Williams last performance

12. The Secret Life of Pets - Teaser

13. Modern Trailer Recut/Fan Edit for Jaws 40th Anniversary 

14. Daddy's Home - First trailer

15. Sicario - First Trailer

16. Dragon Blade - First official trailer

17. Rumors

18. Jack Huston exiting 'The Crow' who takes his place?

19. Tom Hanks to play Captain Sully Sullenberger

20. But First, Let me take a Selfie!

21. Character posters for 'Crimson Peak'

22. Melissa McCarthy, Kate Mckinnon, and Kristen Wiig on set of Ghostbusters.

23. Magic Mike XXL character posters, are they marketing it well?

24. Universal and Anna Kendrick say July 21st 2017 PP3 is happening

25. 30 Second Thoughts

26. Disney is developing a Maleficent Sequel

27. Kika NY kind of confirmed a duffle bag needed for Hugh Jackman for X-Men: Apocalypse

28. Wrap it up!   Where you can find us on the interweb!


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Jun 18, 2015

1. Movies that HURT SO GOOD!! Episode #2 (Thanks to Greg Fossler for new voiceover work! Thanks to Kat Pielli for the new Logo and thank you to DJ Jay Spring for the use of his A Milli remix)

2. Welcome!  

3. Oceans 11 vs Rounders who won?

4. Chad gave Shane The Ringer to watch and review, rate, favorite quote, favorite scene, and favorite character!

5. Oh yeah...Hey it's Chad!

6. Shane gave Chad  the movie Deliverance to watch and review, rate, fav. quote, fav. scene, and fav. character.

7. We have a guest show up.  HEY BRANDON!  

8. It's now time to talk about the movie that won the bi-weekly movie challenge.  ROUNDERS!!

9. Review, rate, fav. quote, fav. scene, and fav. character!

10. Brandon picks the next movie out of the popcorn bucket! (Guests can submit their favorite guilty pleasures to

11. Next MTHSG featured movie is....

12. Signing off in hillybilly style!

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