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Jun 2, 2016

Second episode of Chad's new podcast. Chadwick and his movie buddy Elizabeth Reed talk X-Men: Apocalypse and Alice Through the Looking Glass for this week of the podcast. subscribe (audio only) subscribe

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May 27, 2016

First episode of Chad's new podcast. It's just him talking about the movies he watched for that week of the podcast. subscribe (audio only) subscribe

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May 24, 2016

This is our show that is dedicated to everything X-Men because Apocalypse comes out THIS WEEK!!!

We give you our favorite films, favorite good guys, bad guys, people we want to see in the movies, who are the most miscast characters, least favorite films, we read comments and take questions from friends and fans, AND a whole lot more!

If audio only podcast is more your bag go to iTunes store and type in CineTalk and we will come up. Please Rate and Review our show! (subscribe)

May 8, 2016

CineTalk #41!!  This week we have Shane and Chad discussing a bunch of topics in the world of movies, and yes we get a bit off topic from time to time.  At one part we started talking about Jarts.  

1. Intro

2. Subscribe, Rate, Review, Comment, and like us.

3. New Inferno poster

4. Power Rangers Suits revealed

5. Transformers

6. Michael Bay is ruing everyones life


8. Bad Moms trailer

9. Deadpool Blu-ray marketing

10. The Shallows trailer

11. Hulk standalone movie?

12. Black Widow standalone movie.

13. Blood Meridian and James Franco is a moron

14. Alden Ehrenreich the new Han Solo?

15. If 'Cats' gets made into a movie...

16. Our Best and Worst Films of the first quarter!!

17. Signing off and apparently we might be doing a little trivia tourney.

18. Peace out and don't forget to subscribe on YouTube! (subscribe) 

May 3, 2016
CineTalk #40 whats CineTalk?  Well it’s show where THESETWO DADS (inside joke you will get if you listen via podcast orwatch on youtube) chat about movie news, rumors, trailers andmore.  Today because an important movie is coming out thisweek, we have Shane and his buddy Brandon here to bechatting about All things MCU and Captain America: Civil War!
  • Favorite MCU movies (Top 5)
  • Least favorite MCU movies(Top 3)
  • Favorite Characters in the MCU (Top 3) 
  • Least favorite MCU characters (Top 2)
  • Best Franchise (so if a character has more than onefilm)
  • Captain America: Civil War which hits theaters MARCH 5th!!(which we are going to see TUESDAY March 3rd)
  • What character are we most excited to see appear in theMCU? 


Apr 29, 2016

My review of Key & Peeles Gangster Action Crime Comedy Movie that hits theaters this weekend, "Keanu!"

Apr 15, 2016

Chadwick gives us three reviews in one video! We hope these reviews help give you a bit of insight on what to go see at the movies.

For more reviews from 2016 go to 

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Apr 14, 2016

Shane from reviews Richard Linklaters latest film 'Everybody Wants Some' where a group of college baseball players navigate their way through the freedoms and responsibilities of unsupervised adulthood. Watch to find out if it holds up to one of Richard Linklaters classic films 'Dazed and Confused'


Apr 8, 2016

Shane from YouTube/TheMovieHouseManiacs gives you some insight in what you should see this coming weekend with his latest review of Hardcore Henry.   This is definitely an interesting, action packed movie filled with some unexpected humor.

Apr 3, 2016

CineTalk is a Movie Talk show by movie fans!

Here's what we talk about on this episode of CineTalk.

1. Introductions
2. What movies we are excited to see?
3. New News!
4. Box office recap (top 5 at the box office last weekend)
5. New movies coming out this weekend
6. Our box office predictions for this coming weekend
7. James Gunn tweets, and we talk about it.
8. Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer
9. Suicide Squad reshoots.
10. In or out of the Movie Trailer Park.
11. Trailer #1 Search Party starring T.J. Miller, Adam Pally and Alison Brie.
12. Trailer #2 Tale of Tales starring Selma Hayek and John C. Reilly
13. But FIRST let me take a selfie.
14. New Photos drop while Doctor Strange films in a familiar city, and they get an odd reaction.
15. Random Rants & Rave Reviews
16. Deadpool had a pitch to do something creative during the ending title sequence...which obviously didn't happen, but we talk about it anyway.
17. Chad talks about all the goodness that is hitting Netflix this month!
18. Chad also says he is extending the challenge! New goals are 4200 likes on Facebook (we need 444 new likes on and 37 new subscribers on to reach 210 subscribers.
19. Questions from the CinePublic
20. More new Subscribers since last show. We give them all shout outs!
21. Signing off and where you can find us on social media.

CineBros/The Movie House Maniacs Social Media pages:


Apr 2, 2016

Shane's from and gives you his review, and answers some of the questions that a lot of people had for one of the most anticipated films of 2016!  AND OF COURSE IT'S DONE SPOILER FREE!!

Apr 2, 2016

Shane and Brian talk SPOILERS!!!  If you didn't read that big warning, or the many others we gave you.  That's on you!  SPOILERS FOR BATMAN V SUPERMAN!!!

This is a SPOILER FILLED episode purely focused on Bats v Supes: Dawn of Justice.

Brian and Shane talk about several of the main characters, all the cameos, and some of the corny part of the movie.  

Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe to

Mar 31, 2016

Shane and Brian are back with a CineBrief!!  This is episode #7!!

CineBrief is our shorter movie talk show.

Topics of discussion today:

1. Movie Trailers

2. Lego Batman teaser #2

3. War Dogs starring Jonah Hill and Miles Teller

4. New News!

5. Lenny Abrahamson to direct a movie based on a true story from WWI, The Great Escape.

6. Kristen Wiig replaces Reese Witherspoon in the movie Downsizing, which also stars Matt Damon, Jason Sudekis and Christoph Waltz.

7. Kingsman 2 finally gives us the title of the film, and we get some interesting comments from Matthew Vaughn about the sequel. 

8. Happy Wrestlemania Week!

Where you can find us.




Mar 29, 2016

This is the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Spoiler FILLED Edition featuring The Chad, DB8, Liz Reed, and Old School Wayne!! 

Mar 22, 2016

In this episode we have a LOT of blockbustery stuff to talk about!

1. Intro to show and why we are filming on a Monday.
2. What's wrong with the lights?
3. Where you can find us and please subscribe.
4. New News! - 4:25
5. Top 5 at the Box office recap
6. Movies coming to the theater this weekend! - 9:45
7. Brandon & Shane make their box office predictions.
8. We talk in non-spoiler fashion about 10 Cloverfield Lane.
9. Indiana Jones 5 set for 2019 - 21:01
10. Spiderman's new costume from Captain America: Civil War - 25:14
11. In or Out of the Movie Trailer Park & 30 Second thoughts mashed together. - 29:06
13. Now You See Me 2 - 32:27
14. X-Men: Apocalypse - 35:31
15. Central Intelligence - 40:17
16. High-Rise - 42:45
17. Sausage Party - 46:13
18. Captain America: Civil War - 50:34
19. Random Rants & Rave Reviews - 54:33
20. Batman v Superman and why Brandon want have a specialized haircut for this movie, and where Brandon feels BvS dropped the ball.
21. Most of the Blockbusters that are coming out in 2016! - 1:00:00
22. What we think will make the most box office dollars and which we think will make the least.
23. Daredevil season 2, how much we have seen, and what we think so far. - 1:08:14
24. If we had ultimate power, what would we want to get made in the same tone of Daredevil? - 1:14:41
25. Subscribe to our Channel, and we give shoutouts to the latest subscribers. - 1:18:53
26. Where you can find us - 1:21:27

For our Video version of this show -

Mar 17, 2016

The Divergent Series brings us the third installment of it's franchise.  Allegiant!!  Has the franchise gotten any better, or has the series maintained that fresh new turd smell?  Shane from answers all those questions!

For a video version of this review and other reviews go to

Mar 12, 2016

Shane from and gives you his review on this movie 10 Cloverfield Lane!

Mar 6, 2016

CineTalk #37 intro

1. Chad's been taking money from old people.
2. New News!
3. Box office top 5 this weekend.
4. What's coming out next weekend.
5. Box office predictions for next weekend, and who's winning?
6. Sly in Guardians of the Galaxy 2?
7. Ice Cube rumored to be our next J. Jonah Jameson
8. 23 Jump Street and Men In Black crossover is BACK ON THE TABLE!!
9. IN/OUT of the Movie Trailer park.
10. Ghostbusters first official trailer.
11. Boo! Madea Halloween teaser trailer (Shane really wants to see this)
12. Where's the Rogue One Trailer?
13. Finding Dory first official trailer.
14. Check out the Kill Command trailer!
15. Nina - starring Zoe Saldana made this controversial.
16. 30 Second Thoughts
17. Bad Boys 3 shifts release date, possibly due to Dark Tower, and Bad Boys 4 release date holds firm.
18. Random Rants & Rave Reviews
19. Batman v Superman first sorta kinda review hits the web!
20. The Chad has his games, and we have his intro music and his picture. You let us know if you like them!
21. Chad saw DMX and Bill Burr. He recommends to see one more than the other.
22. Signing off!

Mar 3, 2016

CineBrief #6 - The shorter movie talk show

1. Introductions
2. Oscars how did Chris Rock do?
3. Any surprises?
4. Leo finally won!!
5. Karly Kingsley sends an interesting question regarding Leo's win and was it a huge PR gift?
6. Gambit loses release date, and two new mystery marvel (Fox) movies have release dates.
7. Alien: Covenant and the new Predator movies get a release dates.
8. How Chad and Shane did on their predictions at the box office...they weren't good.
9. Whats coming out this coming weekend? Brian has already seen two of the movies and gives them a rating!
10. Predictions for this coming weekend.
11. A little banter as we sign off.

Subscribe, Like, Comment, and Follow

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Feb 27, 2016

CineBrief #5 will be a little longer than usual because we are not filming CineTalk this weekend due to the OSCARS!!! We will film a little random stuff on Sunday, and our show will be back the following Sunday! Here is whats on tap for today!!

1. Deadline reports Legendary Pictures has set Steven S. DeKnight to direct Pacific Rim 2. They didn't give a release date.

2. Pete's dragon trailer

3. Tye Sheridan to be male lead in "ready player one"

4. Batman v Superman DVD will get an "R" rated directors cut. Influenced by Deadpool?

5. xXx return of Xander Cage gets release date of Jan 20th 2017.

6. Iron fist is cast. Finn Jones is set to play the male lead. People all over the internet are screaming about RACISM once again.

7. Brian talks about Gods of Egypt and that he "I FINALLY SAW KRAMPUS!"

8. James Mangold to direct Disney's "Captain Nemo"

9. Director Roy Lee has some big plans for Warner Bros. upcoming Dungeons & Dragons reboot film. GOTG meets Lord of the Rings!

10. We read off people's favorite quotes from the post we made yesterday.

11. What is our favorite quotes most used in everyday life or what is your favorite quote?

Feb 22, 2016

- CineTalk Episode #36 -

1. Introduction and please subscribe
3. Box Office Top 5 estimates from this weekend.
4. How we did with our previous predictions, and where the score is at now.
5. What's coming out this coming weekend?
6. Our Box Office Predictions for next weekend.
7. San Andreas 2 is coming out! What will it be about?
8. Disney in talks to hire someone for Mary Poppins sequel!!
9. All star cast lined up to take on "Office Christmas Party" movie.
10. Oliver Stone's movie "Snowden" moves release date yet again.
11. But First let me take a Selfie/30 Second Thoughts (Posters)
12. Predator rebootquel possibility after Shane Black turns in script. All we get is a poster.
13. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles character posters.
14. Pete's Dragon teaser poster.
15. Skype in @The_Bri_Man
16. IN/OUT of the movie trailer park.
17. Pee Wee's Big Holiday - who's excited to see this opening weekend when it hits netflix?
18. Kindergarten Cop 2 - Should we see it just to make fun of it?
19. Star Wars Episode 8 - Starting production teaser.
20. Random Rants & Rave Reviews
21. Shane passes the host chair over to "The Chad" because HE WANT'S TO PLAY A GAME
22. Brian and Shane go in a head to head matchup in Chad's Movie Game.
23. We talk about the 3 latest subscribers!
24. We tell you where you can find us.
25. Get off track while trying to sign off!!


Feb 20, 2016

A very tired Shane (Pete Davidson from SNL Comedy show was the night before) hosts CineBrief #4.  

1. Shane and Brian talk about Pete Davidson and the shout out he gave us.

2. We go over what is coming out this weekend

3. We give our Box Office Predictions

4. John Wick 2 gets a title and release date

5. Kingsman 2 eyes Oscar winning actress to play lead baddie

6. Blade Runner 2 gets an interesting release date

7. Internet is buzzing about Wolverine possible R rating

8. New Subscribers 

9. We get off the rails so easy....

10. Signing off and where you can find us. 

Feb 13, 2016

Cinebrief #3 consists of

1. Transformers release dates
2. Baywatch casting
3. My Little Pony
4. Batman v Superman new trailer and some rumors!
5. Deadpool makin' dat MONEY!!! What will the ramifications be?

Audio only version will be on iTunes later Saturday evening.

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