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Sep 19, 2016

Episode IV: The Boston Massacre


The guys have their fantasy football trash talk dialed way back after last weeks epic fail!  Then they recap week 2 of the NFL and predict NFL week 3. Sticking with football they give us their Mount Rushmore of Quarter Backs!! Then we get into the State of the Yankees where Brian takes a turn, and issues a challenge for every lover of the Red Sawx and the New England Patriots. He calls you out, and now it's your turn to come to your teams defense!!


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Shane Moore

Brian K. Christina 

Sep 16, 2016

"New episode........ Chad is joined by first time guest Brian Cardello. They discuss Sully, their hatred for TMNT, and 50 Shades of Nothing.......... also they do their best to copy a script read from two of the most prolific actors in movies.......... "

Sep 12, 2016

September 12th 2016: We have a NEW INTRO TO THE SHOW!! Let us know what you think!!  Then we get right into Episode #3, where you can hear the boys lay the smack down on their week one opponent, and continue to talk trash for week two in their Fantasy Football podcast league.

We recap NFL week one, and talk about how well we did with our picks...spoiler alert...they weren't bad.

New spliced in segment titled "Let me tell you something brother" from our WWE analyst Brian Christina who weighs in on WWE's ppv Backlash.  

Back from the break we get into the State of the Yankees and how this coming week could be catastrophic.

Then onto email questions where a regular contributor has us weigh in on a mountain of baseball legends.

Which brings us back to the NFL with our week 2 predictions!

Lastly we talk about a poll that we ran on twitter that revolves around most NFL fans Sundays!! 


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Shane Moore

Brian K. Christina 


Sep 10, 2016

Douglas Berns joins Chad on the show today.  They saw a movie together and they have high praises for it...... also they discuss some new trailers,  Clint Eastwood, and how bad movies are right now...........


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Chad - @DJDIZZLE82

Doug - @DouglasBerns

Sep 5, 2016

The boys talk some podcast football league trash, Colin Kaepernicks ironic fashion sense, Tim Tebow'ss baseball prospects, state of the Yankees, email questions received answered, and MORE!!!

Sep 2, 2016

***explicit thanks to Liz dropping the F bomb 4 times........

Chad invites usual guest Elizabeth Reed on to talk about movies Don't Breathe and a surprise movie she got to watch.  They also discuss a few new trailers and some releases for DVDs......... Shane Moore from The Cinebros also joins the show so he can discuss his and Chad's favorite Gene Wilder movies......... a very special script reading from Gene Wilder and some of this best scenes.............. RIP Gene Wilder

Aug 29, 2016

Here it is!  The inaugural Sports & Sorts podcast with Shane & The Bri Man!

Sports & Sorts, Episode 1:  We don't know if the force is with these guys, but they're trying really hard to talk bout sports and we suppose that's commendable.  Check out their inaugural podcast as they tackle NFL season predictions, how Tony Romo might get Drew Bledoed, mix in some fantasy football chatter and bold predictions for a new league we just joined with a LOT of other podcasters. They also discuss the MLB outlook for the rest of the season and offer their weekly "State of the Yankees" thoughts, and why John Sterling totally dropped the ball with a new nickname for our stud catcher.  

If you have any questions you'd like for us to chat about on the show, hit us up on twitter at the links below!


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Shane Moore

Brian K. Christina 


Aug 25, 2016

In episode 13 Chad is joined by Elizabeth Reed. They discuss their difference in opinions of Kubo and the Two Strings and also talk about some new trailers. Script reading at the end as usual....

Aug 18, 2016

In episode 12 Chad has guest Shane Moore on to talk Sausage Parties and Dragons BRO! Also new DVD releases for next week and two new trailers are viewed and discussed.  And of course...another script reading!! 

Aug 11, 2016

Chad sits back and let's guest Tim Macy vent about Suicide Squad.  Annnd as always another script reading. 

Aug 9, 2016

CineTalk Episode #44 with Shane and Brandon! This is a SPOILER EDITION SHOW FOR SUICIDE SQUAD!! You have been warned!

We talk about our favorite and least favorite characters.

Where we think they went wrong with the characters, and how they could have fixed it a bit.

If Rick Flaggs character would have been different if Tom Hardy played the role.

We talk about the director David Ayer and how the studio may not have given us his vision.

We also chat about the mid-credit scene that took place and Brandon came up with an idea that could have gotten our hopes up even higher.

Then we get a little off topic with some more Maaaaatttt Daaaaaammmon talk.

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Aug 9, 2016

Sports & Sorts with Shane and The Bri Man!!

This show is 90% sports talk and 10% whatever the hell else we want to talk about!

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Shane Moore

Brian K. Christina 



Aug 3, 2016

In this episode of Pass the Effin' Popcorn, Chadwick, is joined by regular to the show, Elizabeth Reed.  They discuss Bad Moms while Chad talks Jason Bourne and Nerve.  There is also new trailer talk, DVD releases for next Tuesday and as always a new script reading........

Jul 30, 2016

Shane and Brian hope you find this show as remotely entertaining as our other shows. 


1. Movie Trailers - Wonder Woman, Justice League, Hacksaw Ridge, and The Great Wall

2. We get a photo of Superman in the TV show Supergirl, and to put it nicely, Brian is underwhelmed.

3. Movies we have seen recently.  Brian talks Star Trek: Beyond, and Nerve.  While Shane saw Elvis & Nixon and Batman: The Killing Joke

4. Polls that we ran, and we tell everyone who voted against the JLA why they are wrong with their answers.  :)

5. Of course there is more than just those 4 topics...we get off topic pretty easi....oooh look a bird. (subscribe)


Jul 28, 2016

*Description to be posted later*

Jul 20, 2016

Chad has Doug Berns (@DouglasBerns) join him for the show today.  They discuss Ghostbusters, new DVD releases, and 3 new movie trailers.  Then they do a script reading, where you have to guess what movie it's from!


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Jul 19, 2016

Introduction to Shane, Chad and guest Karly Kingsley!

1. How quickly we can get off topic
2. What Chad saw recently! #Ghostbusters
3. How did we feel about an all female cast?
4. Karly loves Melissa McCarthy and Chad kinda doesn't.
5. Shane goes crazy with how great Sandler is.
6. Favorite films of the second quarter of 2016
7. Boat Trip is a classic!
8. Least Favorite films of second quarter
9. Will Smith is good, but was also in After Earth
10. Ninjering
11. Annoying Moviegoers
12. Let Me Take a Selfie
13. Kong/Skull Islan
14. Wonder Woman
15. Chad doesn't like anything today
16. In/Out of the Movie Trailer Park
17. Chad still hates stuff & send your hate mail to him!d
18. Chad still hates stuff!
20. Tara Reid will take any vodka she can get her hands on
21. Don't mess with the HOFF!!
22. It's Time To Play The Game!! Chad plays a game!
23. Attack of the Sequels! We pick a movie that shouldn't get a sequel
24. Chad's take on Independence Day
25. Karly comes in with 3 movies that need to be made!
26. Chad comes back with Major League 4!
27. Shane comes in with BRAVEHEART 2!
28. Of course...this leads us off topic
29. Again forward your hate mail to Chad.
30. Where you can find us!!
31. Once again...a bit off topic
32. Signing off

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Jul 13, 2016

Chad is joined by Cinebriefs co-host Brian Christina.  They discuss The Secret Lives of Pets, Ghostbusters (2016), Batman vs Superman, and Anna Kendrick....... also they read some script from Brian's favorite movie.

Jul 12, 2016

CineBrief #10 is the best episode number 10 that Brian and Shane have ever done!


Topics are: (yes we do get off topic from time to time)

- 60 second reviews of Secret Life of Pets and Independence Day: Resurgence, that take a little longer than 60 seconds

- Mel Gibson's new trailer 'Blood Father' and the trailer for "Sing" dropped a few days ago.

- Then after getting a little off topic here and there, we get into SEQUEL TALK!!  Some of our favorite and least favorite sequels of the 2000's!  

- We also talk about our favorite and least favorite sequels of ALL TIME!! (subscribe)



Jul 8, 2016

Shane and Brian are back together and the show is Pretty Pretty...Pretty Good!


1. Sulu is now gay, and George Takai isn't all that happy about it.

2. Batman v Superman The Ultimate Edition - Brian gives you his reasons why you should give this version a shot!

3. Deadpool Number Two Fan Poster is PERFECTION

4. Movies we just watched at home that came out earlier this year. 

Brian talks about 'Everybody Wants Some' and we get a little off topic due to the epic soundtrack on this movie, and talk about the possible pressure that falls on Guardians 2 with Vol. 2 of their soundtrack

Shane talks 'Eddie the Eagle' and how even fun, fast paced, happy movies can get grown men to cry.

5. Tomb Raider gets a release date.  Brian reminisces of the Angelina Jolie Lara Croft days. 

6. We chat about the two polls Shane posted on and the power of critics, marketing, and our own free will.

7. Bryan Cranston makes a BOLD statement about the next Power Rangers movie.  We laugh at him!

8. Sign off and where you can find us on the interweb!!

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Jul 8, 2016

Chad finally announces the name of the podcast with guest Shane Moore.... movies discussed are The Purge: Election Year, The BFG, and Swiss Army Man..... they discuss future movies in the theatre and DVD releases...... script reading from a favorite amongst them both........

Jul 2, 2016

This show Shane & Chadwick talk about: (not in order)

Matrix 4 and 5 are happening?

A Mortal Kombat Movie wish list

Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition and what it would take for Chad to watch it...which isn't as tough as Shane thought it would be.

The Pazmanian Devil

TGIF After Dark...yes...this came up.

The WORST movie Chad has rated in his career of rating movies.

Which movies of July that we are looking forward too, and what we are trying to stay away from.  


I am sure we talked about other stuff too...we tend to get off topic from time to time. ;)

Jun 30, 2016

Chadwick discusses The Shallows and Genius. Elizabeth Reed let's us know how she felt about Free State of Jones.  Then they both rip into Independence Day: Resurgence.  They also touch on trailers and movies that will be coming out in the future. 

Jun 17, 2016

Chad goes solo and talks Now You See Me 2 and The Conjuring 2!!

Jun 9, 2016

Third episode of Chad's new podcast. Chadwick and Shane talk TMNT2, Popstar, The Do Over, a few movie trailers and some movies which are just getting released on DVD!! subscribe (audio only) subscribe

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