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Jul 27, 2015

CineTalk Episode #14 with Shane, Chad and Doug


1. Introductions

2. FMK with Dougs 3 favorite actors!

3. New News!!

4. Box Office Estimates are in!!

5. Possible writers for new Spider-man movie.

6. 'It' has found it's director

7. These two guys really want Hellboy 3 to happen!

8. 'Genies' an 'Aladdin' prequel.

9. IN/OUT of the Movie Trailer Park!!

10. Shane chooses 'The Revenant'

11. Chad chooses 'The Gift'

12. Doug chooses 'Joy'

13. Shane chooses 'Sisters'

14. Chad chooses 'Back to the Future' classic trailer.

15. Doug chooses 'Digging for Fire'.

16. But First, Let me Take a Selfie

17. New X-Men photos released with Apocalypse.

18. Amy Schumer GQ cover controversy. 

19. 30 Second Thoughts

20. Ryan Reynolds wants X-Force to be lead by Cable, and who we want for Cable.

21. Universal's HUGE box office totals to date!

22. Michael Cera might be lazy.  

23. John C. Reilly has confirmed he has signed on to Wreck-it Ralph 2, and what that means.

24. Random Rants and Rave Reviews.

25. Autobots and Cars.  Disney gets their lawyers ready!

26. Why do people hate on critics?

27. Attack on Titan.

28. Wrap it up and where you can find us.   

29. Sign off!


Where to find Greg Fossler aka DJ Rock G for professional Dj remixes,  vocal drops and other voice work.

Jul 15, 2015

CineTalk Episode #13 (SDCC Recap Show)


1. Introductions and our boring lives.

2. New News!!

3. Gambit Logo.

4. Comic Book News - Batman & TMNT crossover 6 issues.

5. Conan O'Brien at Comic Con

6. X-men: Apocalypse Four Horsemen released.  

7. What animated show or comic book run would you want to see made into a Live Action movie?

8. WB is MAD about leaks.  Will they pull out of Comic Con?

9. X-Men: Apocalypse leaked trailer.

10. Suicide Squad leaked trailer and official trailer.

11. Deadpool leaked trailer

12. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

13. Who won Comic Con? 

14. Briefly talk The Man From U.N.C.L.E. official Comic Con trailer

15. Which movie that was at Comic Con will make the most at the box office world wide?  

16. We guess how much money Star Wars will make opening weekend in the U.S. and we will do it for charity!

17. Of course we get dehydrated, disoriented and off topic.  

18. Where you can find us.

19. Signing off!

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Jul 9, 2015

CIneTalk Episode #12 description


1. Opens with Chad keeping his promise after we broke 1k views.

2. Introduction to C-Giggles and Brian Christina.

3. FMK with Brians 3 favorite movies.

4. New News!

5. Box Office estimated totals are in!

6. Ava Duvernay passing on Marvel.

7. RDJ to play Geppetto in upcoming WB live action Pinocchio movie.

8. Zack Snyder and Ben Affleck comment and maybe make some passive aggressive shots at MCU?

9. In or Out of the Movie Trailer Park

10. Brian talks 'Creed' Official trailer #1 trailer on movieclips.

11. Shane talks 'Steve Jobs' Official #1 trailer on movieclips.

12. Chad talks 'Staten Island Summer' on Newtrailerbuzz. (netflix release July 31st)

13. Brian talks 'Ant-Man' Official #2 trailer on movieclips.

14. Shane talks 'London Has Fallen' Teaser trailer #1 movieclips.

15. Chad talks 'Sleeping With Other People' Official trailer #1 movieclips.  

16. Quick mentioning of a few other trailers that you may want to check out.

17. But First, let me take a selfie!

18. Deadpool has his first official image released for the movie.

19. Entertainment Weekly Comic-Con preview pictures.

20. New photo of J-Law and E-Banks getting ready for battle?  Who plays their character better!

21. Ghostbusters uniforms and proton pack images released.  

22. Olivia Munn spotted practicing for role of Psylocke with another famous face in the background. 

23. 30 Second Thoughts

24. CHiPs the movie is looking for an 'R' rating and possibly Lethal Weaponesque?

25. Byran Singer "true rebirth" comments about X-Men franchise.

26. Mark Wahlberg and Peter Berg teaming up possibly for the third time with '22 Miles' with other actors Iko Uwais (The Raid 1 and 2) and the woman who put the podcast in an arm bar, Ronda Rousey.  

27. Apology from 'The CineBros'

28. The Climactic Adventures of Penitron (We fast forward this over-the-top random talk about Penitron, and the many...many...many sequels, puns and other humorous anecdotes that come along with our immaturity.  Yes...a deleted scene will come out sometime soon for those that are as mature as us.  

29. Wrapping it up and where you can find us.


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Jul 3, 2015

Welcome back to Movies that Hurt So GOOD!!


Chadwick talks about his love for Steven Seagal and 'Under Siege'!!

Synopsis and Rating.

Favorite Character, scene, and quote.


Shane talks about 'The Big Lebowski'

Synopsis, and rating.

Favorite Character, scene, and quote. 


We talk about the movie Brad Neff submitted.  'Lethal Weapon 4'!!!

Submit your favorite movies to and we will put them in the bucket!


'Lethal Weapon 4' Synopsis, and ratings.

Favorite scenes, characters and qoutes!


We love us some Canada!!


We give each other new movies to watch.  


Chadwick picks another movie from the popcorn bucket!  Who's movie do we watch???


Where can people find us, and signing off!!

Jun 29, 2015

1. Introductions Shane, Chad and new guest Jade.

2. FMK w/Jades 3 favorite movies

3. FMK w/Leonardo Dicaprio, Matthew McConaughey, and Mel Gibson

4. New News!

5. 'Passengers' has been green lit!

6. Kick-Ass prequel and Kick-Ass 3?

7. Major Studios skipping Comic-Con

8. Box Office Totals are IN!!

9. IN/OUT of the Movie Trailer Park

10. The Peanuts Trailer - Trailer #3

11. Boulevard and Robin Williams last performance

12. The Secret Life of Pets - Teaser

13. Modern Trailer Recut/Fan Edit for Jaws 40th Anniversary 

14. Daddy's Home - First trailer

15. Sicario - First Trailer

16. Dragon Blade - First official trailer

17. Rumors

18. Jack Huston exiting 'The Crow' who takes his place?

19. Tom Hanks to play Captain Sully Sullenberger

20. But First, Let me take a Selfie!

21. Character posters for 'Crimson Peak'

22. Melissa McCarthy, Kate Mckinnon, and Kristen Wiig on set of Ghostbusters.

23. Magic Mike XXL character posters, are they marketing it well?

24. Universal and Anna Kendrick say July 21st 2017 PP3 is happening

25. 30 Second Thoughts

26. Disney is developing a Maleficent Sequel

27. Kika NY kind of confirmed a duffle bag needed for Hugh Jackman for X-Men: Apocalypse

28. Wrap it up!   Where you can find us on the interweb!


To watch the show on YouTube type in CineTalk in the search bar and we will pop right up.  You can also find us on



Jun 18, 2015

1. Movies that HURT SO GOOD!! Episode #2 (Thanks to Greg Fossler for new voiceover work! Thanks to Kat Pielli for the new Logo and thank you to DJ Jay Spring for the use of his A Milli remix)

2. Welcome!  

3. Oceans 11 vs Rounders who won?

4. Chad gave Shane The Ringer to watch and review, rate, favorite quote, favorite scene, and favorite character!

5. Oh yeah...Hey it's Chad!

6. Shane gave Chad  the movie Deliverance to watch and review, rate, fav. quote, fav. scene, and fav. character.

7. We have a guest show up.  HEY BRANDON!  

8. It's now time to talk about the movie that won the bi-weekly movie challenge.  ROUNDERS!!

9. Review, rate, fav. quote, fav. scene, and fav. character!

10. Brandon picks the next movie out of the popcorn bucket! (Guests can submit their favorite guilty pleasures to

11. Next MTHSG featured movie is....

12. Signing off in hillybilly style!

Jun 12, 2015

1.  Welcome to CineTalk Episode #10

2.  Quick Celebration that gets fast forwarded through.

3.  FMK - Pain & Gain, Spider-Man 3, and Master of Disguise

4.  New News!!

5.  'Big Trouble in Little China' Reboot

6.  Disney to remake 'Sister Act'.

7.  Box Office Totals

8.  IN/OUT of Movie Trailer Park

9.  American Ultra

10.  Joe Dirt 2

11.  Macbeth

12.  The Walk

13.  Vacation trailer #2

14.  Suffragette

15.  Bridge of Spies

16.  Quick run through of other trailers released recently

17.  Rumors!

18.  Netflix testing commercials

19.  Star Wars spinoffs Boba Fett and Han Solo, and who should play Han?  Also possible Obi-Wan spinoff.  

20.  What characters we would like to see have their own spinoff?

21.  But First...Let me take a Selfie

22.  Will Smith as Deadshot grappling down building.

23.  Mockingjay Part 2 Poster released

24.  Storm is Bald?  

25.  30 Second Thoughts

26.  Chris Farley Documentary coming out in August.

27.  James Wan to Direct Aquaman and Robotech

28.  Sofia Coppola drops out of Little Mermaid live action movie.

29.  Wrap it up, and where you can find us!

May 25, 2015

This is where we talk about the movies that we love to love, love to hate and sometimes hate that we love them.  

This week up is.

1.  Chad gave Shane the movie 'The Babadook'

2.  Shane and Chad talk 'The Babadook' review, favorite quote, scenes, characters, and rate!

3.  Chad and Shane talk 'True Lies' review, favorite quote, scenes, characters and rate!

4.  The movie BATTLE!!  'Van Wilder' vs 'Super Troopers'. 

5.  'Super Troopers' WINS!!!

6.  We talk all about 'Super Troopers' we review it, favorite quotes, scenes, characters and we give it our rating!

May 18, 2015

1.  Introductions

2.  Eat a damn kid

3.  New News!

4.  Indiana Jones 5!

5.  Directors for Spiderman reboot.

6.  Hugh Jackman's last "schink" as Wolverine

7.  Jonah Hill big weight gain for role

8.  Kevin Feige renews contract with Marvel

9.  Infinity Wars 1 and 2 filmed in IMAX

10.  Movie Trailer Park

11.  Mr. Holmes

12.  Return To Sender

13.  Human Centipede 3

14.  Magic Mike XXL

15.  Vacation Movie

16.  But FIRST Let Me Take a Selfie

17.  Hateful Eight

18.  Suicide Squad all lined up

19.  Prof. X goes bald

20.  Deadpool on Mothers Day and...

21.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 (spoiler talk WE LET YOU KNOW WHEN SPOILER TALK HAPPENS)

22.  30 Second Thoughts

23.  Tom Hardy/Punisher?

24.  Angelina Jolie Pitt takes on 'By The Sea'

25.  Incredibles 2 w/Brad Bird

26.  Questions....?

27.  Monster Movies

28.  Marvel phase 4!

29.  Wrap up

30.  Sign OFF

May 6, 2015

1. Introduction
2. Chad has Shane do FMK with a few of Shane's favorite movies
4. Adam Sandles Netflix movie Ridiculous Six walkout!
5. Disney/Pixar Lineup released to 2018 what do we watch if we can only watch 3 of these?
6. IN/OUT of the Movie Trailer park
7. Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer
8. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice teaser
9. Fantastic Four second trailer
10. Dope trailer
11. Jurassic World Global Trailer
12. M. Night Shamalamama and his new movie The Visit trailer
13. Johnny Depp in Black Mass trailer
14. But First, let me take a selfie!
15. Photo of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack from Jerry Bruckenheimer.
16. Another picture of Jared Leto as Joker! Is he doing the Joker justice?
17. Michael Bay ruining our childhood one movie at a time, this time with his posts of some vehicles in the upcoming TMNT2 movie.
18. 30 Second Thoughts
19. Who will be the next of these 5 actors apparently.  
20. Star Wars: The Force Awakens weekend box office predictions!
21. Questions from CineManiacs 
22. Were there tears shed over the Star Wars Trailer?  
23. Trolls be trolling!
24. Wrap up and where can we be found online?

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Apr 17, 2015

1.  Welcome to CineTalk with the CineBros

2.  Introduction to Shane Moore, Chad Davis and Doug Berns.

3.  FMK with Dougs 3 Favorite Movies

4.  The Movie That Hurts So Good - Old School.  Discussion, Favorite Scene, Characters, Quotes and Rating.

5.  Next Weeks Movies to vote on.   Chad surprises Shane with a Gift and we giveaway a movie ticket to Regal Cinema to one lucky person!

6.  New News!  Kevin Feige and the new take on Spiderman.

7.  The New Casey Jones has been cast!

8.  Furious 7 HUGE box office success...should they continue the franchise, and a little bit of a rant from Shan about the movie.

9.  Bryan Singer shows us concept art from Arcangel and casts Olivia Munn as Psylocke.

10.  Rumor Town!  

11.  James Wan as frontrunner to Direct Aquaman solo movie.

12.  Phil Lord and Christopher Miller to be involved with The Flash standalone movie.

13.  Ernie Hudsons possibility to be King of Wakanda.

14.  In/Out of the Movie Trailer Park

15.  Straight Outta Compton trailer #2

16.  The Human Centipede 3

17.  Movie Clip from Jurassic World

18.  Sinister 2

19.  Movie Clip shown on MTV Movie Awards Hulk vs Hulkbuster (possible spoiler footage)

20.  Ant-Man official full length trailer

21.  Terminator Genisys official trailer #2

22.  But First Let Me Take a Selfie

23.  Jared Leto's picture mimicking The Killing Joke, and his Joker Voice.

24.  Deadpool's Ajax chair and actor are given to us, plus Negasonic Teenage Warhead makes an appearance.

25.  Creed's first official picture (Spinoff from Rocky)

26.  The Courtroom talks about the possibilities of Prima Cinema hurting the theaters!

27.  Questions from the CineFans.  Justin, Brad, Paul, Elizabeth and Karla

28.  The Movie Exchange.  Chad talks about Point Break and then rates it.  Shane talks about Piranha (1978) and rates it. 

29. Chad gives Shane a new movie and Shane tries to give Chad another Keanu movie but ultimately has to try another movie instead.

30.  Pick names out of a hate of the people who gave us questions, and Doug picks out the lucky winner of a Regal Cinema movie ticket.

31.  Wrap up

32.  You're my boy Blue!

Apr 3, 2015

1.  Introduction - Chadwick Davis and the first female guest Sarah Tetreault.

2.  Movie Challenge - Dodgeball wins in true underdog fashion

3.  We give the movies for the next voting challenge!

4.  New News!!

5.  Broken Lizard crowd funding Super Troopers.

6.  Vin Diesel says Furious 7 will win Best Picture or oscars suck!

7.  Steven Spielberg attached Ready Player One.

8.  Russel Bros take on the Marvel Universe

9.  Donatello dies in the comics, is it good for major characters to die in movies?

10.  IN/OUT of the Movie Trailer Park!

11.  Pixels

12.  Southpaw

13.  Mission Impossible 5 (Rogue Nation)

14.  Spectre teaser

15.  Avengers TV spot #2

16.  Maggie and does Ahnold have acting chops?

17.  Entourage

18.  But FIRST Let Me Take a Selfie

19.  Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor

20.  Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool and synopsis!

21.  Wolverine....One Last Time!

22.  The Courtroom!

23.  Queen, Sacha Baron Cohen and the Freddy Mercury Biopic!  Should it happen with what has been given so far!  Chad says Yes, Shane says No!  Who wins....

24.  Questions from the CinePublic

25.  Where did our love for movies come from?

26.  Most inspiring movie and how many movies is too many for a franchise?

27.  What happened to Scary movies and is the Superhero genre headed down the same path?

28.  Chad and Shanes Bi-Weekly movie exchange!

29.  Chad talks about and rates The Princess Bride

30.  Shane talks IN DEPTH (spoiler alerts) about TUSK.

31.  Frack, Marry, Kill with three of the guests favorite movies!

32.  Wrap up and where you can find us!

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34.  Boom Boom Hissssss!

Mar 19, 2015

This show is where we talk everything related to these topics. Monty Python & The Holy Grail, Goonies, Stand By Me, Gremlins, Dodgeball, Spaceballs, The Three Amigos, Mike Tyson Biopic, The Stopwatch Gang, 71, Cinderella, Dumbo, Disney Animation, Frozen 2, annoying moviegoers, Saving Private Ryan, Road House and much more! Tune in to see how you can get Chad to do the Truffle Shuffle ON CAMERA!!!

Mar 6, 2015

In this episode we talk about the 2015 Oscars, Power Rangers, Robert Downey Jr, Midnight showings.   Then on IN/OUT its all about Indiana Jones, Will Ferrell, Bruce Lee Biopic, and Manhood.  For our 30 second thoughts we talk Big Willie, and Dakota Johnson joining ISIS.   Chad starts talking about the OG of comic book movies Batman (1989) and his love for The Joker.  Then Shane goes on about Scott Pilgrim vs The World.  Of course we wrap it all up by talking about the movie you guys picked for us to watch The Sandlot, and how we made fun of it and enjoyed it thoroughly.  Then gave you SIX EPIC movies to choose from for next show.

Feb 19, 2015

Where Shane Moore, Chad Davis and special guest Brandon Blain discuss a lot about movies.  

Initiation - Southpark the Movie, Bad Boys, and Fight Club.  Movie stuff - Mission Impossible 5, SNL movies, and movie hype gone bad.  IN our OUT -  Indominus Rex/Jurassic World, Deadpool PG-13, and Crimson Peak trailer.  30 Second thoughts - Spiderman now with Marvel and Sony,  Fifty Shades grand opening weekend,  and new releases.  

Votes came in and winner was Happy Gilmore.  We watched it again, and then talked about it.  

Then we talk Chads first time watching Alien, and Shane who watched The Way Way Back for the first time, and we give them ratings.  

Lots to discuss, and yes we do get off topic from time to time.  

Feb 19, 2015

CineTalk with Chad and Shane from

This show is where we talk about the new trailer for Poltergeist, new news of Neighbors 2 and the possibility of getting a Spaceballs 2. With our bi-weekly movie picks, Chad talks about watching Jaws for the first time, and Shane complains about the movie Chad gave him called Blue Ruin. Then we also let you choose a movie for us to watch together before the next episode on 2/16/15.