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Sep 17, 2015

CineTalk Episode #18 


1. Introductions for Chad and Wayne (The #TeamChawick & #TeamDarthFader war begins)

2. Wayne rants about kids these days don't know the US Mail system!

3. FMK with Wayne's 3 favorite movies

4. New News!!

5. Box Office Recap

6. The Tracking Board says Paramount are making a live action/animated movie of the 90's Nicktoons cartoons

7. Universal hands over the rights of Skull Island: King Kong to WB!

8. Steven Spielberg talks Superhero movies, and Zack Snyder comments and throws shade at MCU!

9. In or Out of the Movie Trailer Park

10.  Chad's movie - Krampus

11. Wayne's movie - Concussion

12. Shane's movie - Demolition

13. BREAK TIME (Wayne enters the Star Wars box office prediction charity pool)

14. We are back with 30 Second Thoughts

15. A plane crashes on the set of Tom Cruise's next movie 'Mena' 2 die one critically injured.

16. Captain Marvel might have a new leading lady!

17. Random Rants and Rave Reviews

18. Chad plays a game with old NFL trading cards

19. Chad gets us to name our 3 favorite football movies

20. Shane wants to know what Chad and Wayne's go to movie snacks are?

21. Wayne is nervous about Luke Skywalker dying in Force Awakens due to patterns he has noticed.  

22. Chad says stop picking on Tom Brady!

23. Shane states more hating from the Undertaker about Brady and the Patriots is coming to the Movie House Maniacs youtube channel soon!

24. Where you can find Chad!

25. Where you can find Wayne (local bars)

26. Where you can find Shane and The CineBros!

27. Signing off!

Visit The CineBros at these two destinations.

Sep 4, 2015

1. Welcome Back, Introductions and pleasantries.
2. Brandon picks 3 of his favorite comic book movies to FMK!!
3. Shane and Brandon take their turns and FMK Brandons 3 movies!
4. New News!! The New News that happened over the last week.
5. Box office recap and any surprises from last weekend.
6. Borderlands video game getting adapted into a Movie, good or bad?
7. Prometheus 2 is happening. Our thoughts on Ridley Scott's next film.
8. IN/OUT of the Movie Trailer Park, where someone picks a movie trailer that came out recently, we talk about it and then we tell you if we are IN/OUT based on the trailer!
9. Brian picks 'Victor Frankenstein' 
10. Brandon picks 'Scouts Guide to a Zombie Apocalypse' 
11. Shane picks 'All Things Must Pass' 
12. Commercial break where Brandon and Brian are 'Batdad'
13. 30 Second Thoughts. Where we get a topic and we each get 30 seconds to talk about it. 
14. Johnny Depp and Hugh Jackman do some great things to help out children who have been dealt a bad hand.
15. The movies we are most looking forward to this September!
16. But First...Let me take a Selfie! Where we talk about new photos, poster, and sometimes short videos.
17. Michael Fassbender first look in 'Assassins Creed' gear!
18. Star Wars gives us a 15 second teaser on Instagram
19. Random Rants & Rave Reviews (open format)
20. Possible crossover down the road with FILM VIBE on YouTube. We talk about why we liked his channel and why we might do some work together in the future. If you are a film nerd definitely check out his channel! We will post the link to his channel below.
21. RIP Wes Craven. We talk about some of his great films, and how they impacted our lives and the horror genre.
22. Shane just watched the 80's cult classic 'The Last Dragon' again, and Brandon and Shane discuss the good and bad (that's still kind of good) about the movie. 
23. Forgive me for saying... where we ask forgiveness for not being a part of a popular opinion.
24. Forgive me for saying...about Pixels, Adam Sandler, TMNT, Transformers Age of Extinction, Incredible Hulk, Robin Hood, etc...
25. Wrapping it up and where you can find us!
26. We are starting to ramble about Batdad. 
27. Technical Difficulties
28. And we are back...kinda...
29. Signing off

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